Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Memorials : Panthéon de la Guerre
Tyrone Courier dated 29th July 1915 – Newmills Victoria Cross Hero
It has been decided by the French government to have his portrait included in a large commemorative painting which is being executed for them by M Carrier-Belleuse.
Private Morrow V.C. was to appear in a large commemoration painting by Monsieur Cairier-Belleuse, commissioned by the French Government.
Between 1914 and 1916, he and Auguste François-Marie Gorguet proposed, planned and supervised the creation of the Panthéon de la Guerre, which was the world's largest painting (45 ft. high and 402 ft. in circumference containing almost 5,000 portraits of notable French and Allied wartime figures, mostly sketched from life.
Twenty artists played a major role in its production, although many more made contributions.
Newmills Village
It was exhibited in a specially constructed display building.
It was displayed at the Chicago World Fair 1933-34.
According to time Magazine, dated 10th August 1953, the painting was bought by William H Haussner, a Baltimore art collector, for $3,400 in 1952 and laid out the 402 feet long painting using three cranes for people to examine.
In 1957 the panorama was donated to the Liberty Memorial Association.
Cut and pasted portions of the huge canvas may now be seen in the National World War I Museum at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City.
It is not known if the section which included Private Robert Morrow V.C. survived.
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