Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Memorials and Tributes to Private Robert Morrow V.C.
There have been quite a few tributes and memorials created in memory to Private Morrow V.C. Some record Private Morrow as part of an elite group of V.C. winners. Some are individual tributes to the man from Newmills.
The list of tributes is as follows:
From the Time
The Newmills Memorial
Newmills Church of Ireland Plaque
Carland Presbyterian Church Plaque
Dungannon War Memorial Inscription
Poem written in 1923 by Eleaneor Jane Cander
V.C. Memorial Plaque, St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
Painting by H Ripperger
Pantheon de la Guerre
Bed name, U.V.F Hospital, Pau
V.C. Memorial Wall, Union Jack Club, London
2015 Newmills Commemorations
Honouring the Fallen - 2014
Newmills Apprentice Boys Bannerette
Commemorative Stone
Blue Plaque From the Ulster History Circle
The V.C. Bridge in Newmills
Letter from America
The Ballad of Robert Morrow V.C
The 2015 DVD
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