Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Newmills VC Group
The Government announcement of intent to provide commemorative stones for all WW1 Victoria Cross winners motivated the setting up of Newmills and District VC Group in February 2014. Twenty-six organisations were represented at the initial meeting at which Drew Robinson was elected as Chair, Alistair Badger was elected as Vice-chair and Stephen Wilson was elected as Secretary of the Group. The group drafted a programme of events to mark the centenary of WW1 in a manner that was designed to encourage people to get involved in Remembrance. The events were dignified, respectful and inclusive, targeted at people of all ages and at the wider community. The VC Group recognised that the story of Pte Robert Morrow VC was not as widely known as it should be and that his story should be properly documented for future generations. In addition, the memorial in the village needed some minor improvements and other tributes. The Group secured funding to implement the project.
Newmills VC Group
The Group organised a trip to Ypres and held a remembrance service at the graveside of Pte Morrow VC on the 100th anniversary of his award. The 100th anniversary of Pte Morrow's death, Sunday 26th April, was also marked by the VC Group, working together with The Royal British Legion (Coalisland Branch), by organising a commemorative stone unveiling ceremony and drum head service in the village with a number of dignitaries and relatives of Pte. Morrow in attendance. Future plans will build on the success of the Group to date and focus on even greater community participation.
The Group can be contacted through their Facebook page.
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