Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Newspapers : From the Tyrone Courier dated 23rd September 1915
The first mention of erecting a memorial to Private Robert Morrow V.C. appeared in the Tyrone Courier dated 23 September 1915. The newspaper report (Figure 8.01) mentions that a committee had been formed by the people of Newmills to receive subscriptions towards the memorial.
Tyrone Courier dated 23rd September 1915
Memorial to Private Morrow, V.C.
The people of Newmills, which has the honour of being the native place of Private Robert Morrow V.C., of the Royal Irish Fusiliers, who had the honour of being the first soldier of an Irish regiment to gain the V.C. in the present war, have decide to erect a memorial to him, and secure an annuity for his widowed mother. A committee has been formed to received subscriptions towards this memorial for one who brought the greatest honour to his regiment , his County, and particularly to his native Province and place, and to keep his memory green is the duty of his countrymen.
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