Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Newspapers : From the Belfast Newsletter dated 1st June 1915
The report details Tyrone Men and the Colours – Judge Linehan's Tribute to V.C. Hero.
Belfast Newsletter dated 1st June 1915
Mrs Morrow, Sessia, Newmills, has received the following letter from Lieutenant Colonel D W Churcher, late officer commanding the 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers:-
It is not my custom or inclination to refer to matters not associated with the ordinary business of the Crown Court, but we are living in exceptional times, and all of us are hearing of the deaths of young friends and relatives who have fallen on the battlefield. In the Dungannon district, the losses during the past week have been very considerable, and the casualties including eight men killed and six wounded. That is a very large number for one town or district. One of the gallant number killed was a Victoria Cross hero, Private Robert Morrow, of the Royal Irish Fusiliers. He was a native of Newmills, a short distance from Dungannon, and was well known in the district. We are sorry to hear of his death, which terminates so distinguished a young life. Private Morrow was scarcely twenty years of age, but he did his duty manfully, and the townspeople must be justly proud of having had in their midst one who so distinguished himself as to merit the most coveted honour known in military service. Barely a fortnight had elapsed after Private Morrow had performed the brave deed for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross until he was called upon to offer his life in performing similar deeds. Our sympathy goes out to the brave boy's relatives. These deeds should inspire young men who have not yet heard their country's call and who still remain at home. I sincerely trust that these deeds will bring home to them the true sense of their obligations. County Tyrone has done exceedingly well in responding to the call to the colours, but there are still thousands waiting for the inspiration to go. Surely they will not now stand by when they see the gap to be filled – a gap which should be filled not with one man alone, but with ten, if necessary.
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