Private Robert Morrow V.C.
The Newmills War Hero
Newspapers : From the Mid Ulster Mail dated 11th September 1915:
The Mid Ulster Mail published a letter correcting the paper for saying Robert was attached to Newmills Presbyterian Church.
Mid Ulster Mail dated 11th September 1915:
Disputed Honours
Dear Sir, In your article headed ‘Tyrone’s Dead Hero Honoured by the Czar’, your correspondent is in error with regard to Private Morrow’s early training, (I mean the place where he received it. He says in the day school, under the teaching of Mr Thomas H McAdoo, Gortnaglush National School, which I may say is the school in connection with Carland Presbyterian Church. So far this is correct. He also says ‘In the Sabbath School under the superintendence of or Mr Joseph Elliott, R.D.C., and in the church under the pastorship of Rev D T Mackey, the character of the lad, who up to the present, has brought the greatest honour to County Tyrone in the war was moulded.’
As a matter of fact the dead hero never was connected with Newmills Presbyterian Church. He was connected with Carland Presbyterian Church from infancy, baptised therein, and was a member of the Sabbath School there, until he joined the army. And why should not this historic congregation feel proud of such a hero who lost his life, in fighting for his country in the hour of her greatest peril, against a most brutal and unscrupulous foe, and at the same time won the V.C., which is the most coveted prize in the British Army? Yours Truly, James Taylor, Carland, Edendork, Dungannon.
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